With over 10 years of experience in the IT field including systems and network administration, data center management (tiers 1 & 2), end-user support, cloud services, contracts and vendors management, small team coordination and planning/controlling budget. Always working with a wide range of technologies, including hardware and software across a large variety of platforms and for several purposes. Extensive experience working in environments that require prompt responses and the ability to deal with quick decision-making. Being able to work in a company the sees itself as leading edge in technology. Going forward with the development of my career, I hope to be a key professional in a company that has technology as its essence.

Dating back 10 years I initialized my career at Accesstage (a Mitsubishi Group company) as a support analyst and moving up to monitoring analyst. Following Mitsubishi, I moved to Santander Bank as a network analyst. With this experience, I shifted to Isobar, a leading advertising company in Brazil, with the opportunity to grow in this field. Starting as a support analyst and climbing to desktop support team lead within 3 years. Continuing my growth I became an IT Administrator at Garage, where my responsibilities included support and infrastructure. Lastly working as an IT Administrator at R/GA (São Paulo Office), considered a leading company in the advertising market. With this extensive background and exposure to the market, I am now able to work in multiple environments and markets with the capacity of working with project management, risk assessment, vulnerability, security, viability assessment and financial analysis.

IT Governance and Project Management

Team and Budget Management

Desktop Support and Infrastructure Management

Operating Systems (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Planning, Organizing and Executing Live Events

05/2017 - PRESENT

Abilis Solutions Inc.

Senior Systems Administrator - Montréal

Azure Cloud administration;
PowerShell scripting;

11/2016 - 05/2017

A La Carte Média

IT Manager and Systems Administrator - Montréal

– Designed and deployed Windows 10 IoT images for the Kiosks through DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management);
– Full implementation of OpenWRT to customize and secure connectivity between Kiosks and servers;
– Systems integration with Cloud services AWS (EC2, AMI, CloudWatch, Route 53, VPV, ELB and etc…);

08/2011 - 05/2015


IT Manager – São Paulo

Founded in 1977 as motion graphic company focused on the movie industry and eventually transitioning into the new Internet and marketing industry. Known as the biggest and most recognized agency worldwide.

Responsibilities include managing contracts with suppliers (infrastructure, software and hardware), assets and services such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, public and private cloud. Lead the IT area towards accomplishing high goals in priorities plans, roadmap, capacity plan, budget, annual contract, control and governance.

Highly integrated with all procedures directed towards Facilities, designing and providing complete IT infrastructure and service to both company and employees.

Coordinate technology infrastructure for Live Events, Advertising, Retail Stores and Live Concerts.

Development and implementation of standard of procedures for the helpdesk, server and network teams based on ITIL and best policies for the business.

Managing the yearly IT budget. (Up to US$ 100k). Reporting to the Global CIO and local executive team.

Drive the IT area through ITIL, Sarbanes-Oxley and best practices for the business.

Also responsible for Systems Administrator providing IT technical support to R/GA employees. Supporting positions for the intake of IT issues and requests and opening tickets and troubleshooting in the following technologies; PC and Macintosh desktops, laptops, peripherals, software, operating systems, email applications, network connectivity, printing services and mobility devices.

05/2009 - 03/2011

Garage Interactive Marketing

IT Manager – São Paulo

A publicity agency focused on interactive marketing and brand care.

Rebuilding and restructuring the server room. Including all it services.

Improving and renegotiating all outsourcing contracts.

Managing the yearly IT budget (Up to US$ 80k).

Implementing and developing all IT documents based on best practices of ITIL.

Responsible for helping and assisting live events with IT necessities.

06/2006 - 05/2009


Desktop Support Team Lead - São Paulo

A leader in digital communication in Brazil with 4 offices around the country and over 17 years in the market.

Being recognized as one of the most innovative and award winning agency in the Brazilian market. Nowadays AgenciaClickIsobar is part of Aegis Media Group.

Hired as support analyst responsible for everyday IT functions, including Windows and Mac support, software management and patching.

Promoted to desktop support coordinator shifting my duties to leading and managing the support staff of 10 technicians and over 300 users across 4 office locations. (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília), including exclusive support to the executive board composed of 20 people.

Also in charge of IT purchasing, contract management (printing and telephone), asset management and implementing and developing all IT documents based on best practices of ITIL.

03/2006 - 08/2006

Santander Bank

Network Analyst - São Paulo

Level 1 support and monitoring of the national network, including branch, small branch inside private companies and ATM’s also coordinating appointments with several institutions to restore and do the necessary maintenance.

Working with different market tools in monitoring and analyzing all network traffic in different types of circuits like Frame Relay, X25, lan-to-lan, VPN’s, MUX, DEMUX and the Backbone.

01/2005 - 02/2006

Accesstage – a Mitsubishi Group company

Monitoring Analyst - São Paulo

A respectable company, which provides software and infrastructure to EDI and BPO financial transactions.

Started with supporting the company software via telephone and emails then moving up to monitoring analyst responsible for supervising the data center and all transactions status.

Overseeing all platforms, connectivity and environment of the data center.

01/2011 - 12/2012

FIAP – Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista

MBA - Management and Governance of IT

Theory, Structures and Management

Strategic Management and Planning of Information Technology

Project Management (PMI)

Investment and Budget Management

Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC)

Service Delivery based on ITIL


Information Security

Business Process Management – BPM (based on SOA)

Business Intelligence

Infrastructure Management

01/2004 - 12/2005

UNIB – Universidade Ibirapuera

IT Management and Planning Associate Degree

FIAT – Punto T-Jet

FIAT – Punto T-Jet

Responsible for the connectivity between the race track and the Big Brother's house.

Antarctica Sub Zero

Antarctica Sub Zero

Responsible for the live stream connectivity.

Monitoring Dell Servers with Nagios and OMSA

Monitoring Dell Servers with Nagios and OMSA

Monitoring Fan Speeds with Cacti

Monitoring Fan Speeds with Cacti

UPS-APC with Cacti

UPS-APC with Cacti

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